Kawa of Care

2024 Kawa Of Care information 

Parents and Caregivers of our Year 3 students who are new to Chromebooks in 2024. Please watch the video to go through the presentation below to familiarise yourself with Chromebooks and the Cybersmart programme at school.  Once you have watched the video, please complete the google form below the video to let us know your level of confidence and your preference for when you would like the Chromebook to come home.

Kawa of Care 2024 .mov

2024 Chromebook information Meeting

Below is the recorded session of the Chromebook information meeting for students moving to a Chromebook class in 2024.  The video talks about Waikōwhai school's involvement in the Ako Hiko programme, it discusses how a digital classroom works and it outlines the costing and options for purchasing a Chromebook from the Ako Hiko education trust for the 2024 school year.

Whanau information session 2023.mov